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  • Interface & Web Design

    21Petals began as an in-house design group for mentored start-ups in a wide range of fields. At 21Petals, you get a personalized and responsive team with superior design capabilities. We have honed our expertise across various industries, getting to know what design elements truly capture the feel of a business. Our web design always aims to give you design that will not hide your message, but rather promote it.

  • Custom Web Design

    21Petals excels in creating innovative and functional websites. Creating custom web designs is one of our favorite tasks, because it allows us the freedom to bring your idea to life from countless angles. We build custom sites without the use of any pre-existing template, giving you total input into how you would like to form your image. Hundreds of clients have entrusted us with translating their vision into an unforgettable design concept, and we never rest until they are completely satisfied.

  • User Interface Design

    A website is, after all, a practical tool to introduce yourself to your audience, and entice them to connect with you further. Creating the best user experience for your web-based service means keeping things simple and intuitive. 21Petals always has the user experience in mind when formulating the interface design. Building a seamless user interface means that your users will enjoy the experience of visiting your site, and will be able to find exactly what they need.

  • E-Comerce Design

    Shopping online has become a leading revenue stream for the majority of businesses. Provide a complete showcase of your products and facilitate easy purchase online with the help of 21Petals. We have built many different e-commerce sites, with knowledge of Zen Cart and Magento being our specialty. Increase sales with an e-commerce site that you can be proud of and that your competitors will envy.


As a strategic management consultancy for small startups

As a strategic management consultancy for small startups, we came to realize that the user experience on our site was not the best it could be. Working with 21Petals team allowed us to serve our customers better with spectacular UI …Read more >>

Here in Los Angeles, there is intense competition in the locksmith trade

It is pretty hard to stand out above the ‘average’ company. We wanted 21Petals to help us strengthen our brand so that customers choose us specifically rather

Our business is in high-end luxury items.

We need to be able to portray that quality to customers, which is not always easy to do. We hired 21Petals to build us an e-commerce site that was better than the competition. What they produced was truly unique and …Read more >>

My old website had been static for a while, and was not a useful tool for attracting new clients.

21Petals built me a dynamic new site, helping me navigate the wireframe process with much good advice. My new site, which is based on WordPress, still allows me to keep my old URLs so that I do not lose my …Read more >>

21Petals were key in getting our website to come alive

We initially worked with them on the extensive wireframing of the site, and designing the website workflow. They were extremely knowledgeable and offered great advice about various pages, functions, and even new technology to incorporate. We really came to see …Read more >>

Although we already had a website, we felt that it wasn’t living up to our expectations

The 21Petals team did a deep assessment and decided to change us from HTML to WordPress. They provided us with completely new content and an amazing video, which were key to getting us more sales conversions. With them, we built …Read more >>

I took a long time researching new web design firms

for my towing company, and by word of mouth, heard about 21Petals. Through their expertise, I found out that several things I wanted for the site were not actually what I needed to get ahead. We were able to reconceptualize …Read more >>

I few months ago we contacted 21Petals to do our website wireframe and new design based on WordPress.

We wanted a professional to map out our site structure so everything would work flawlessly. In addition, we got quality content for all the pages, which immediately gave us more traction with visitors to the page. Finally, the 21Petals team …Read more >>

Our company story is an interesting one:

we went from being nearly totally offline to being really strong in online sales of our products. This has been our biggest growth stream for revenue this year. 21Petals took us through the whole process, from website creation, video production, …Read more >>

21Petals worked with us to create a series of websites for our moving company

and fantastic design all around. The network of sites helped us reach much further than we were ever able to before in a wide range of our region. I am very happy with the results, and the eye-catching yet professional …Read more >>

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  • Bhakti Fest Site Launches

    We are excited to present the website for the biggest yoga, meditation, and eastern spirituality festival around, Bhaktifest! This website, which is loaded with interesting content, photos, music, and more, was developed using WordPress. Bhaktifest website is equipped to handle …Read more >>

  • M&M Express Towing new HTML5 Mobile site

    21Petals has been working with M&M Express Towing to provide them with a top of the line mobile website (based on HTML5 and using phonegap), that supports iOS and Android. M&M Express Towing provides speedy and friendly service throughout Houston, Texas.

  • DL Diamond new website

    21Petals is happy to announce the launch of DLDiamond new website. DL Diamond provides beautiful high-end jewelry and gemstone. We are proud to have been involved from the very beginning in the design, branding, and Magento development of their ecommerce …Read more >>

  • Outdoor Spaces Design website launching

    21Petals is happy to announce the launch of Outdoor Spaces Design. Outdoor Space Design provides outstanding landscape services in the Leesburg, VA area. We are proud to have been involved from the very beginning in the design, branding, and WordPress …Read more >>