About Us

About 21Petals

21Petals evolved from an in-house team of expert designers, superb developers, and management professionals. For the past 3 years, we have been offering our services exclusively to special projects of the incubator at Parajola, Inc. Our goal was to transform these incubated projects into thriving and dynamic companies.

An essential part of this involved building applications, creating systems, and forming designs that were innovative and functional. They had to be easy to use, and simple to understand, though we can assure you every project involved a great deal of hard work.

We proudly watched our incubated companies grow and flourish. Taking the time to understand exactly what they needed to accomplish in their business was paying dividends for everyone.

Indeed, people were often so enamored with what we created that they asked us to design and develop outside the realm of our Parajola projects. Eventually, we all agreed that there were too many great challenges and ideas in the wider market to pass up. 21Petals was formed as an independent web design firm in Los Angeles CA.

Sometimes, when you’re onto something good, you get a certain feeling. That’s exactly how we felt when we started, and that’s the feeling we want you to have when you’re working with us.