Bhakti Fest Site Launches

We are excited to present the website for the biggest yoga, meditation, and eastern spirituality festival around, Bhaktifest!

This website, which is loaded with interesting content, photos, music, and more, was developed using WordPress. Bhaktifest website is equipped to handle a lot of visitor traffic, and will serve thousands of yogis, disciples, and interested people from all over the United States.

Don't miss it when it comes to your region! And if you're not into yoga, check out the relaxing, positive tunes and colorful characters featured on the site.

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M&M Express Towing new HTML5 Mobile site

21Petals has been working with M&M Express Towing to provide them with a top of the line mobile website (based on HTML5 and using phonegap), that supports iOS and Android. M&M Express Towing provides speedy and friendly service throughout Houston, Texas.
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DL Diamond new website

21Petals is happy to announce the launch of DLDiamond new website. DL Diamond provides beautiful high-end jewelry and gemstone. We are proud to have been involved from the very beginning in the design, branding, and Magento development of their ecommerce site. Their online jewelry catalogue is a must see!
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Outdoor Spaces Design website launching

21Petals is happy to announce the launch of Outdoor Spaces Design. Outdoor Space Design provides outstanding landscape services in the Leesburg, VA area. We are proud to have been involved from the very beginning in the design, branding, and WordPress development of their site.

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Dallas Towing new mobile website

21Petals is happy to launch the mobile website/ app for Dallas Towing Inc. From now on, if you find yourself in need of a tow truck in the Dallas area, you have the best at the tip of your fingers. Enjoy, and drive safely!
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Garbage Anagram Tumblr App

21Petals just created a cool, new application for Garbage, one of the most unique bands around. To promote their upcoming album, the app lets you play an anagram game to guess Garbage's new album name. If you figure it out correctly, you will be entered to win tickets to one of their shows! Try it out - maybe you'll be rocking out with Garbage in the near future!
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