Our Services

We offer the full range of services, covering all website and application developing needs. 21Petals will be with you from inception to completion, ensuring a smooth process and an outstanding result for your business.


Interface & Web Design

21Petals began as an in-house design group for mentored start-ups in a wide range of fields. At 21Petals, you get a personalized and responsive team with superior design capabilities. We have honed our expertise across various industries, getting to know what design elements truly capture the feel of a business. Our web design always aims to give you design that will not hide your message, but rather promote it.


Mobile Interface Design

On a tiny screen, it is important to make yourself stand out for all the right reasons. We create beautiful mobile design that is not overdone and with minimal layers to get you the information you seek.


Application Development

Functionality is the name of the game when you are building an application. We are at the cutting edge of apps trends, providing everything you need in terms of coding, complete application planning, and social network applications.


Content Production

21Petals excels at creating quality content for your website. Clients often do not realize how much of an impact well-constructed content has on a website’s traffic and search results. The key is uniqueness and relevance.



Every website starts off as a general idea of the kind of content, functions, and usability experience you would like your target audience to have. This varies depending on the type of company, product, and user demographics. A website’s wireframe is important because it is a link between two elements of the website, the information being conveyed and the visual design we use to do this.

Our Work